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Understanding Empty Legs in the Private Charter Industry

If you are flying private, there is one easy (but lesser-known) way to get more out of your experience—booking empty leg flights. These flights are a unique feature within the private charter industry, and they allow passengers to enjoy the comfort and luxury of private jets at considerably lower costs than regular private flights.

But what exactly are empty legs? And what benefits do they bring to the table? Below, we will explain empty legs, their benefits, and how they contribute to a safe private charter industry.

empty leg charter flights

What are empty legs?

This situation usually occurs after the jet has dropped off passengers and needs to return to its home base or fly to another airport for its next chartered flight. These flights are also called ferry flights or deadhead flights.

Empty legs in the private charter industry allow cost-conscious travelers to experience private air travel at a fraction of the usual cost. Because the aircraft must fly that route regardless of occupancy, air charter service providers usually offer these flights at substantially reduced rates. This presents an economical option for those looking to experience private air travel without the full cost.

What are some of the top benefits of booking empty legs?

Save money: One of the biggest benefits of booking empty legs is that it helps you save a lot. In the Northern Ontario aircraft rental service market, for example, these flights are often available at a fraction of the price of a standard private charter flight. This affordability means many people who might not have previously considered it can experience flying private.

Enjoy spontaneity and flexibility: Whether it be a sudden business meeting or a spur-of-the-moment weekend getaway, empty legs flights are perfect for last-minute trips. The nature of empty legs means they often come up at short notice and provide the flexibility to travel quickly and comfortably without the usual need for early bookings. This flexibility is a big plus in the private charter industry, where scheduling and availability are often restrictive.

Experience exclusive luxury: Choosing an empty leg flight does not mean compromising on the quality of your travel experience. Despite the discounted rates, passengers on empty leg flights enjoy the same luxurious experience as those paying full price. You can access private terminals, fast track security checks, and spacious and comfortable cabins. 

Make a positive environmental impact: Booking an empty leg flight also has environmental benefits. These flights reduce the number of aircraft flying empty, which in turn decreases unnecessary fuel consumption and carbon emissions. This supports ongoing efforts within the air charter flights in Manitoba to minimize environmental impact and promote more responsible flying habits.

Consider empty legs for your next trip!

If you are interested in the exclusivity of air charter flights without the associated high costs, consider booking an empty legs flight. And to give you a luxurious flying experience at a more accessible price point, Trade North Aviation is here to help. Contact TNA to book a trip or learn more!