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Different Types of Medical Air Charter Flights

Medical air charter flights offer an incredibly valuable service by providing a way to safely transport patients around the world in times of need. In this article, we will discuss two types of medical air charter flights – emergency and non-emergency transport – as well as how to book a charter flight.

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With advances in technology and increased access to professional services, medical air charter flights have become an invaluable part of healthcare networks around the world. Whether needed for emergency or non-emergency situations, these specialized transports allow patients greater opportunities for receiving quality treatment wherever they may need it most.

Emergency vs Non-Emergency Transport

The first key difference between medical air transport services is whether they are used for emergency or non-emergency situations. In an emergency situation, the patient requires urgent medical attention and the transfer must be completed as quickly as possible. This could involve flying the patient directly from scene to hospital where more specialist care can be provided, or transporting them from one hospital to another if their needs cannot be treated at the initial location. On the other hand, non-emergency medical flights tend to involve scheduled trips which occur over longer distances, often from one country to another. These transfers are usually less urgent but no less important – enabling healthcare professionals to deliver a level of quality and care that may not be available in other forms of transportation.

Booking a Medical Air Charter Flight

When looking for booking a charter flight, it is best practice to use an experienced company who are familiar with both aviation regulations and health related issues related to patient transfers. Prior to taking off, these operators will ensure that all relevant paperwork has been completed correctly and that all safety guidelines have been followed accordingly – helping guarantee a smooth journey for everyone involved.