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Difference Between Charter Flights and Scheduled Flights

You might have heard many people praising charter plane flights. Similarly, many others prefer scheduled flights. But what’s the difference between the two?

Most inexperienced travelers think that both these flight systems are the same. However, that’s not true. Let’s look at all the differences between charter and scheduled flights!

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What Is a Charter Flight?

Simply put, a charter flight is a private-booked flight. Also known as charter jets, these airplanes are booked entirely by an individual. That means you can customize your flight, like its departure airport, arrival location, and schedule.

Charter flights are commonly known as private jets or flights. They are not part of commercial flight companies. Instead, you have to look for companies that offer this service.

What Is a Scheduled Flight?

Unlike an air charter flight service, a scheduled flight is not private. It is the commercial flight that most airline companies offer.

The word “scheduled” in its name refer to its constraints. That means the airline company sets the departure time, location, and arrival airport for the flight. Furthermore, this flight hosts more passengers depending on its specifications and capabilities.

The scheduled flight framework is what every airline company uses. They sell seats of an aircraft until it is full.

What’s the Difference Between Charter Flight and Scheduled Flight?

Here are the major differences between charter plane flights and scheduled flights:

1.   Personalization

As mentioned earlier, scheduled flights have minimal to zero personalization options. You are bound to follow the ground rules set by the airline company. That includes the flight schedule and departure and arrival airports.

However, air charter flights in Manitoba are more customizable. You can select the type of aircraft you want. Additionally, you can decide when and where to leave!

2.   Time & Convenience

Scheduled flights demand you to book long before the flight time. Also, if the seats are booked, you are bound to face delays. What’s more inconvenient is that you have to go through long queues and waiting hours on the airport. These flights demand you for check-ins long before the departure time.

However, that’s not the case with an air charter service. It doesn’t require you to book weeks before your trip. Also, there are no long queues, check-ins, and other processes that take your time.

3.   Budget

If you are on an extremely tight budget, scheduled flights might suit you best. While they have their limitations, they are comparatively cheaper than private charters.

However, charter flights are not limited to a single option. You have many aircrafts to choose from, with each having its own pricing.

Hopefully, now you know the differences between scheduled flights and charter flights. If you have wiggle room in your budget, consider choosing charter plane flights. They are more flexible, convenient, and efficient in the long run. Contact our Northern Ontario Aircraft Rental Service today to explore the options and book a trip!