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Sandy Lake Seaplane Air Charter Service

Trade North Aviation offers air charter service flights to and from Sandy Lake First Nation. Sandy Lake is an isolated community located north of Red Lake. Trade North Aviation air charter service provides chartered flights to and from Sandy Lake year-round. Travelers to the area should be aware that there are limited traveler facilities in Sandy Lake. There is telephone service, however your cell phone will not have a signal. TNA air charter service offers a reliable and safe way to travel to and from Sandy Lake First Nation.

A private charter flight with Trade North Aviation offers many benefits when flying to remote communities. First, a charter flight is flexible because we leave on your timetable. You can choose your departure time and tailor your itinerary to your needs. Second, a charter flight is more convenient. You can avoid the hassles of airport security and baggage claim, and you’ll have more control over your travel schedule. Finally, a charter flight with Trade North Aviation is usually more comfortable. You’ll have plenty of space to stretch out, as our seating is comfortable and roomy. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, a charter flight is the best way to get to Sandy Lake.

Sandy Lake Charter Flights

If you’re planning a trip to Sandy Lake First Nation, contact Trade North Aviation today to book your charter flight. We’ll make sure you get there safely and comfortably, on your schedule.

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Piper Navajo Chieftain

Versatile twin engine

9 Passenger

180 MPH
2000 lbs
1000 MILES

Cessna 207

Good cargo capacity. A great northern workhorse!

5 Passenger

140 MPH
1100 LBS
700 miles

Cessna 206

Easy access for hard to reach places. Operated on floats and skis.

Up to 5 Passengers

130 MPH
1200 lbs
700 miles