Trade North Aviation


Trade North Aviation

Trade North Aviation (TNA) provides safe and reliable air travel solutions for both passengers and cargo into destinations throughout Manitoba and Northern Ontario. 

We can charter flights from almost all airports within Canada.

Charter Flights

Trade North Aviation charters flights from Winnipeg, Manitoba and Sandy Lake First Nations to destinations throughout Manitoba and Northern Ontario. We can also charter flights to almost any airport in Canada. Our mission is to provide the best suitable options of aircraft and routes for northern air travel.

Passengers and Cargo

Whether you need to send passengers or cargo to destinations in Manitoba or Northern Ontario, we are dedicated to providing safe travel on your timeline. We provide chartered flights for construction crews, consultants, First Nations, northern meetings, hunting, fishing, cargo and remote medical transport.

Reliability and Safety

Our fleet of aircraft have modern equipment, leather seating, and the latest avionics for safe and reliable travel. Our core fleet consists of a Piper Navajo Chieftain twin engine, and two Cessna single engine aircraft. If we do not have an aircraft that is suitable for your travel requirements we will refer you to a reliable affiliate who can service your needs.

Sandy Lake Seaplane Service

Based out of Sandy Lake First Nation in North Western Ontario, Sandy Lake Seaplane Service provides remote travel throughout Northern Ontario and Manitoba. We offer flights on floatplanes to remote lakes and rivers and ski plane service in the winter season. We can provide flights to any airport in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our rates are some of the most competitive in the industry for the service we offer as we have different types of aircraft to choose from to satisfy your specific needs.

Private jets can be extremely expensive up to tens of thousands of dollars. We can find a plane suitable for you and provide the most cost-effective solution. 

There are a few large Air Charter companies based in Winnipeg and also Scheduled Air Services. Most of these companies are extremely expensive and fly only on specific schedules.  Trade North Aviation can work around your specific schedule and fly when you want to.

Trade North Aviation is available to fly to any destination you need at your time and date. 

Trade North is connected with many fly-in fishing and hunting lodges throughout Northern Canada. We can provide you with a list of options with information to suit your specific desires. We work closely with Big Hook Wilderness Camps in Northwestern Ontario. We can also provide flights with guided service to remote first nation locations in Manitoba and Ontario. 

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