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Aerial Surveys: Enhancing Construction Planning with Charter Plane Services

Do you have a construction project at hand? The first thing to do is to inspect the site. It helps you decide the next steps for the project. Moreover, site inspection helps you develop better ideas.

But how to do it? Especially with large-scale projects, area surveys get increasingly challenging. One of the most effective solutions is aerial surveys. What are they? How do they work? Let’s find out!

aerial surveys

What are Aerial Surveys for Construction Planning?

An aerial survey is a site assessment technique that usually involves a manned aircraft. It is used for collecting geographical information for an area. This technique has become increasingly common with large-scale construction projects. These aircrafts use cameras, sensors, radars, and other technologies to collect insights about the area.

Typically, aerial surveys are done from a higher vantage point. That can only be achieved via airplanes. Project managers use charter plane services for this part of the construction planning.

It is important to note that modern drones are also used for such surveys. However, they are not as effective as planes, especially in larger areas. That’s because their small size requires more asses to survey the entire area.

Benefits Of Aerial Surveys

Here are some advantages of aerial surveys for construction planning:

1.   Better Planning

An aerial survey provides real-time data about a site. That means you don’t have to rely on inaccurate and outdated data. As a result, you can craft more detailed and effective plans for the construction project.

2.   Saves Time

A manual survey with a drone or traditional vehicle takes more time. And if the site is more extensive, this task can take up to hours. However, aerial surveys are more time-consuming and efficient. They require minimal time due to an aircraft’s quick speed.

3.   Improved Precision

Aerial surveys are highly accurate as compared to other methods. They use the latest technology to cover an entire area, regardless of its dimensions. Generally, these surveys utilize cameras, laser imagery, radar waves, and sensors. As a result, you get crystal clear imagery, precise details, and exact dimensions of the area.

When are Site Surveys Useful?

Site assessment with air charter flights in Manitoba is useful for the following purposes:

  • Land surveys (Topography, land recognition, and cartography)
  • Sea surveys (Temperatures and Sea Level)
  • Reconnaissance

Recently, this technique has seen a rise in intermediate to high-end construction projects for its accurate results!

How to Get Aerial Survey Services?

Northern Ontario aircraft rental service by Trade North Aviation can provide aerial surveys with a variety of aircraft options. Consider choosing this service for its maximum convenience, affordable price, and eligibility for many purposes, including construction planning, fishing, hunting, and medical air transport!

aerial surveys for construction planning