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A Lifeline in the Skies: Small Plane Charters and Organ Transplant Transportation

Healthcare and patient-centric transportation services have become increasingly popular. One of the prime examples and use cases of this service is organ transplant transportation. It has become a pop culture phenomenon. Large trucks with built-in freezers carry these organs for replacement surgeries.

But are trucks the best option? If not, which organ transplant transportation method should you choose? Let’s find out!

organ transplant transportation

Cargo Trucks for Organ Transplant Transportation

Trucks with built-in freezers, also known as refrigerated trucks, transport human organs for replacement surgeries. It can be a feasible option if the distance between original and destination spots is minimal. In that case, you can easily use this service. But what if the distance is significantly more extensive?

Remember that these organs require an optimal environment for their survival. They only have a short lifespan of a few hours. Hence, the method of travel must be speedy enough, regardless of the distance.

If you want organ transportation services between multiple cities, it wouldn’t work with a refrigerated truck.

Which Organ Transplant Transportation Service Is The Best?

Whether the distance is short or long, consider choosing air charter flights in Manitoba. It is an efficient way of transporting short-lived organs that need speedy delivery.

If you are unfamiliar, you might think why spend a fortune on an air charter flight? Well, let us explain.

Firstly, air charter flights don’t cost as much as many people think. Secondly, they can be upgraded with all the facilities to refrigerate the transporting organs. That includes hearts, livers, and lungs. These recovering organs can stay much safer on a charter plane due to its privacy and secure storage.

Lastly, you are free to select the schedule to transport these lungs with a small plane charters service. That means you can book a jet today and initiate your transport process immediately!

Why Shouldn’t I Go for Commercial Airlines?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions about organ transplant transportation. First, the US government has restricted organ transport via commercial airlines. This rule came to light after the 9/11 incident.

Also, commercial airlines are not effective for this job. Think of it this way. These cargo flights don’t allow personalization because they carry luggage from many people. Additionally, it is not as quick as a private Northern Ontario aircraft rental service. You have to book a ticket days ahead of the trip and go through many procedures, like inspection.

Where to Get Small Plane Charters for Organ Transplant Transportation?

You will find many private airline companies for this service. However, not all of them are as flexible and affordable as Trade North Aviation. It provides a wide range of schedules and can accommodate these times based on your immediate needs.

There’s no doubt now about why small plane charter service is called “A Lifeline in the Skies.” It offers speedy transport of sensitive organs with its secure and tested storage units. Furthermore, it can be customized to individual needs for extra safety!

Organ Transplant Transportation